Learn how to make small electric generators and simple electric motors and working principles , Fidget spinner generator project, Motor generator project, Simple electric motor project, Rotating magnetic field device research.

Renewable Energy is energy that is generated from renewable sources of energy such as solar power, wind power and other sources.
Our objectives :  1. To design and to build small-scale renewable energy projects.
                                       2. To design and  to build a small and efficient device, powered with batteries, portable, which potentate  analgesic effect on human body ( examples: chronic low back pain, arthritis, migraines, muscle pain, body pains ) and  boost human body energy level – processes accelerator. – biological research.


About us and our  projects : simple  generator  https://blog.adafruit.com/2017/11/22/neodymium-magnet-sphere-circuit-converts-3-7v-lipo-to-high-voltage-alternating-current/
well known   projects :
New small electric generator concept powered with a minidrone battery using a single spining neodymium sphere and a coil iron less lighting 9W led bulb 230 V
Output : Ac voltage
science projects : small generator layout

small generator using neodymium sphere

 Rotating magnetic field ( RMF ) device which potentiate an analgesic effect on human body and accelerates human body proceses. 
A dc motor drive a permanent magnet in a specific position for produce a rotating magnetic field.
Rotating magnetic field device

Rotating magnetic field device

WARNING !! We are not encourage people to replicate the rotating magnetic field (RMF) device. The presented device represents a personal research!!
 Fidget spinner generator
A simple electric AC generator, using a fidget spinner with iron insertions, 3 neodymium magnets, a coil iron-less and a led.
Output : Ac voltage
science projects : fidget spinner generator

fidget spinner generator

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simple electric generator lighting 230 V led bulb 9 W

Fidget spinner generator
Small generator
Rotating magnetic field device