New science projects :electric generator science project, electric motor science project.
Rotating magnetic field device – research.
Our mission :
  1. Design and optimise an electric generator.
  2. Design  a small and efficient device, portable, which potentate  analgesic effect on human body ( examples: chronic low back pain, arthritis, migraines, muscle pain, body pains ) – research.


About us and ournew science  projects : small  generator
well known   projects :
New small electric AC generator concept powered with a minidrone battery using a single spining neodymium sphere and a coil iron less lighting 3W – 9W led bulbs 230 V
Output : Ac voltage 230 V
Input : Dc Voltage 3,7 V
science projects : small generator layout

newscience projects : small generator using neodymium sphere

 Rotating magnetic field ( RMF ) device which potentiate an analgesic effect on human body.
A dc motor drive a permanent magnet in a specific position for produce a rotating magnetic field.
Rotating magnetic field device

Rotating magnetic field device
WARNING !! We are not encourage people to replicate the rotating magnetic field (RMF) device. The presented device represents a personal research!!
 Fidget spinner generator
A simple electric AC generator, using a fidget spinner with iron insertions, 3 neodymium magnets, a coil iron-less and a led.
Output : Ac voltage
science projects : fidget spinner generator

fidget spinner generator

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Simple electric motor working at low power ( low current, low voltage). The motor is powered by a single mini solar panel.

Simple electric motor project : electric motor working at low power input

simple generator project : small generator lighting 230 V led bulb 9 W

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Fidget spinner generator
Small generator
Rotating magnetic field device