STB projects : rotating magnetic field (RMF) device – the influence on the human body – potentiate an analgesic effect and accelerate processes, small electric generator, fidget spinner generator , pulse motor (PM), pulse motor generator (PMG), spinning compass


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New small electric generator concept

A small Ac electric generator using a spining neodymium sphere and a coil iron less lighting 9W led bulb 230 V.


small generator layout

(small generator using neodymium sphere)

 Rotating magnetic field ( RMF ) device which potentiate an analgesic effect on human body and accelerates human body proceses.

A rotating magnetic field generator, using a spinning neodymium sphere, a dc motor and an external battery.

(rotating magnetic field (RMF)device)

WARNING !! We are not encourage people to replicate the rotating magnetic field (RMF) device. The presented device represents a personal research!!

 Fidget spinner generator

A simple electric generator (Ac voltage) using a fidget spinner with iron insertions, 3 neodymium magnets, a coil iron-less and a led.

(fidget spinner generator)

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small electric generator lighting 230 V led bulb 9 W