Free energy. It is possible?

 “Free energy” refers to the idea of a system that can generate power by taking energy from a limitless source.

As far as we know :

The total amount of energy in a closed system is fixed, free energy IS NOT POSSIBLE. The total amount of energy in the universe cannot increase or decrease. Energy is conserved Free energy implies a system which generates more energy than the input energy. According to second law of thermodynamics, there is no machine whose efficiency is 100%. Entropy of a system increases while doing an irreversible process.
A motor based on permanentmagnets in both stator and rotor will never work. The problem lays in the nature of permanent magnets. They are PERMANENT-magnets. Even though they are getting weaker over time, the magnets are basically permanently magnetized. Sure it is possible to change polarization on a permanentmagnet by turning it 18o°, but this operation is the very reason why the rotor turns around, and therfor it requires torque and energy to turn the magnets 180°. The known laws of thermodynamics does not allow the permanent magnet motor to work because there is no energy input due to the nature of permanentmagnets. The rotor or the stator needs to swap polarity at least two times in one cycle.
CONCLUSIONS : infinite amount of energy (FREE ENERGY ) is impossible. But, a large source of energy is possible.