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                                                                   Can a fidget spinner genererate electricity ?

                       In the rows below you can find out about  our fidget spinner generator project : five prototypes, based on the same function principle. AC generators.

fidget spinner generator

new science projects AC generator

Objectiveto build a fidget spinner electric generator using neodymium magnets, a fidget spinner with iron insertions, coil iron less and leds, without using batteries.
The basic principle of a generator is to convert motion into electricity. Providing this motion requires that either a magnetic field is generated and a wire coil is rotated within it, or a magnetic field is rotated within a stationary coil. The turning of a coil in a magnetic field produces motional emfs in both sides of the coil which add.
How it works ? :
The rotor (fidget spinner with iron insertions + the neodymium magnets) is rotated and the mechanical rotation is converted to electrical energy (Ac voltage)  in the stator ( the coil iron -less).
The process of generating electricity will add resistance to the spinner, we used a led (low power function)
In this project energy is transferred from one state to another.

fidget spinner generator 1 using 3 neodymium disc magnets

Fidget spinner generator 1 is composed of a coil iron-less from a syncronous motor 230 V, three neodymium magnets discs, a led and a fidget spinner with iron insertions. The magnets are fixed on the fidget spinner (high magnetic catch), the led is conected to the coil output. Ac voltage is generated.


Fidget spinner generator 2 is using a single neodymium disc magnet, fixed on the spinner ( magnetic catch), a coil iron less and a led.

Fidget spinner generator 2 using a single neodymium disc magnet

Fidget spinner generator 3 using 3 neodymium spheres 13 mm

Fidget spinner generator 3 :
3 neodymium sphere magnets 13 mm fixed on the spiner
coil iron less + led
plastic – glued on the fidget spinner concentric cap (coil holder for the coil and led)
Fidget spinner generator 4 – 100 V max.
In the rows below we wish to show how can a powerful fidget spinner electric generator can be created. It will generate 100 Volts Ac at the start and it will be able to light a led bulb 230 V 9 W for a few seconds.
Materials used :
1. fidget spinner
2. coil iron- less – inside syncronous motor 230 V – microwaves and A4 laminators
3. glue
4. bearing ( neodymium sphere 30 mm metal holder)
5. wires
6. three neodymium sphere 13 mm ( extra weight for the fidget spinner)
7. led bulb 230 V 9 W
8. wires
9. plastic holder ( used to fix the fidget spinner generator )
10. voltmeter
11. neodymium sphere 30 mm
Operations :
1. We fixed the fidget spinner plastic holder on a plastic box using glue
2. fix the bearing on the fidget spinner ( 30 mm neodymium sphere metal holder )
3. We fixed 3 neodymium spheres on the fidget spinner ( extra weight)
4.We  attaced the 30 mm neodymium sphere between poles on the bearing ( the glue one )
5. connect the voltmeter in Ac mode to the coil output
6.We connected 9 W led bulb 230 V to the output coil using wires you can use related led bulb 3 W , 7 W also
7. We assembled all the components
Important :
when we attached the 30 mm neodymium sphere on the metal holder ( bearing glued on the fidget spinner), we fixed the sphere between the magnetic poles to obtain the maximum voltage.

Fidget spinner generator 4 :

science projects : Fidget spinner generator 4 - 100 V lighting led bulb 230 V 9 W

Fidget spinner generator 5 :
fidget spinner generator “3 in 1” – now you can configure your fidget spinner generator (three choices)
the micro generator is using 3 neodymium spheres and 3 neodymium discs, a led and a small coil iron – less
Materials :
1. fidget spinner
2. 3 neodymium spheres 13 mm
3. 3neodymium discs
6. small coil iron -less
Operation 1:
1.We fixed the neodymium spheres (3 pieces) on the fidget spinner
2. We conected the led to the output coil wires
Operation 2.
1. We fixed the eodymium discs on the neodymium spheres
2. We brought the coil closerto the neodymium magnets
the fidget spinner generator “3 in 1” is now ready

fidget spinner generator 5 - "3 in 1" spinner generator

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