DC electric generator

 Fidget spinner energy generator ( DC GENERATOR ) :

                      As we know that DC generators produce direct current. Its principle is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. A generator that produces current that flows in only one direction is a DC, or direct-current generator.

Dc electric generator out of  a fidget spinner :

The fidget spinner electric DC generator is composed of a small reed switch (the reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field ) attached on a coil iron-less, 3 neodymium disc magnets, a fidget spinner with iron insertions and a led.

output : DC voltage

C0il details :
Inside NOKIA ACP-7 Europe Standard Charger (Original) has a specification of 230 V, 50 Hz, 4.8 VA.

Output 3.7 V, 355 mA (old nokia charger )


FLYWHEEL ( fidget spinner with iron insertions + 3 neodymium disc magnets) -> REED SWITCH -> COIL IRON LESS  -> LED





coil iron less inside nokia charger

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reed switch

fidget spinner

neodymium magnet discs

neodymium disc magnets

led bulb