Rotating magnetic field (RMF) device – research

Interaction of rotating magnetic field with human body
Objective : To design, and to test a small portable device , low cost , which potentate an analgesic effect on human body (I am the only subject of this experiment) –  ( examples: chronic low back pain, arthritis, migraines, muscle pain, bone pains, pains caused by accidents).
The biological effect of magnetic field has always been a hot spot in biomedical research. Lots of research at home and abroad from different angles discussed the impact of the magnetic field on the central nervous system and cardiovascular system . Magnetic field has also some effects on plant nerve, the blood pressure, heart rate and breathing . These studies provide evidence that the magnetic field can adjust plant nerve system through stimulation of the brain cortex, to improve the function of cardiovascular system. there are two methods to produce a rotating magnetic field, one is to use coil magnetic field as the terminal part , which alter the intensity, frequency and direction of the rotating magnetic field by controlling the size of the flows through a coil of alternating current (ac) and direction. This method of rotating magnetic field intensity and frequency adjustment is convenient, but will produce ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION.

Source : (Low Frequency Rotating Magnetic Field Generator And Its Application in Blood Pressure Regulation, Yumiao Ren, Jianbao Zhang, Xiaoni Wang, Lin Xie, Binbin Liu)

Another way is to use the motor driving the rotating permanent magnet to produce a rotating magnetic field.

A dc motor drive a permanent magnet in a specific position for generate a rotating magnetic field.

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Rotating magnetic field (RMF) device –  the influence on the human body


In this  experiment the RMF device is generating a rotating magnetic field  by rotating a single magnet ( 26 mm neodymium sphere) about a single ax. The neodymium sphere magnet it is attached on a special metal case, in a specific position, which not allows sphere movment on the metal case surface, even at 20.000 RPM or more.  It is hold in the operator’s hand and and is powered by a small electric motor.
The RMF device relates generally to a a magnetic field generating apparatus. Various devices have been made to create time-varying magnetic fields for use on the human body.
The therapeutic uses of time-varying magnetic fields have been described and clinically evaluated in numerous literature (“Magnetic Therapy” by Dr. Ronald Lawrence and Dr. Paul Rosch, “The Pain Relief Breakthrough” by Dr. Julian Whitaker and Brenda Adderly, “Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe” by Dr. Jiri Jerabek and Dr. William Pawluk). There are  numerous references to clinical studies which purport to show the effectiveness of time-varying magnetic fields for the treatment of a multitude of chronic and acute conditions including atherosclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic bronchitis, post-ischemic injury, edema, fractures, infected wounds, limb grafts, burns,etc.

WARNING: The informations presentsd below represents a personal research and do not encourage people to replicate the device or to test it!!!

Research purpose : to investigate the influence of the rotating magnetic field generated by a spinning neodymium sphere, on human body.
Conclusions so far : RMF device potentiate an analgesic effect on human body and accelerates human body proceses.
Side effects: no side effects reported yet.
  • Days passed since the start of the experiment : 611 days
Exposure time: 15 min – 30 min daily

Distance between the body and the spinning sphere : 2 – 4 cm

Frequency (hz) – 133.33 hz
Research : Biological
Category : Abstract
Related studies : Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field–a viable alternative therapy for arthritis.
” Induced current density ranges between 3 and 300 Hz
for producing biological effects:
Current density Effects
< 1 Absence of established effects
1 – 10 Minor biological effects reported
10 – 100 Well established effects, visual
(magnetophosphenes) and possible nervous
system effects; facilitation of bone
fracture reunion reported
100 – 1000 Changes in central nervous system
excitability established; stimulation
thresholds; possible health hazards
> 1000 Extrasystoles, ventricular fibrillation
possible; definite health hazards “



WARNING : The presented material is representing a personal research and is not encourage people to replicate the presented device or to test it !!!
alternative therapies : Rotating magnetic field device

alternative therapies : Rotating magnetic field device – research

RMF device setups presented in this science experiment : 3 V – 5 V DC motor ( Rated voltage: 3V Reference current: 0.35-0.4A 3V speed: 8000 r / min) 26mm neo sphere (Article ID K-26-C Material NdFeB Shape Sphere Diameter 26 mm Tolerance +/- 0,1 mm Coating Chrome-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni-Cr) Manufacturing method sintered Magnetisation N38 strength approx. 9,1 kg (approx. 89,2 N) Max. working temperature 80°C Weight 69,9410 g Curie temperature 310 °C Residual magnetism Br 12200-12600 G, 1.22-1.26 T Coercive field strength bHc 10.8-11.5 kOe, 860-915 kA/m Coercive field strength iHc ≥12 kOe, ≥955 kA/m Energy product (BxH)max 36-38 MGOe, 287-303 kJ/m³), special screw pot metal case 16 mm fixed on the neo sphere between the magnetic poles N-S) , usb cable, external battery.
magnetic field : rotating magnetic field (RMF)
alternative therapies : RMF device

metal case – neodymium sphere position

What about the special metal case 16 mm used to build the device ? ( which allow to fix the sphere between the magnetic poles (referring to N and S pole) –  the key element of the RMF device
A metal tends to magnetise on a magnet surface to North magnetic pole or to South  magnetic pole. The presented screw pot metal case solved the problem.
It is actualy a pot neodymium magnet, but ONLY THE METAL CASE IS NEDDED ( I heat the inside magnet for an easy remove)
For the 26 mm neodymium sphere I used a pot magnet diameter of 16 mm and a stem with an external screw thread.
Material (ref to 16 mm neodymium sphere) :NdFeB
Pot diameter: D 16 mm
Pot height H1: 5 mm
Total height : H2 13,5 mm
Thread : M M4
Tolerance +/- 0,1 mm
Coating: Nickel-plated (Ni)
Steel Q235 (China)
Magnetisation N42
strenght: approx. 8 kg (approx. 78,5 N)
Max. working temperature :80°C
Weight : 7,3 g

WARNING:  This research do not encourage people to replicate the device or to test it!!!

How does human body creates electricity ?
Electrical signals are running through our bodies.

alternative therapies : RMF device applied on human body

The nervous system is sending “signals” to the brain, or synapses. In our bodies an electrical charge is jumping from one cell to the next until it reaches its destination. ( wires = cells)
Electrical signals are fast. Negativity is the natural resting state of our cells (potassium and sodium ions inside and outside the cell). Potassium ions – negative, sodium ions – positive (potassium ions inside cell >sodium ions outside the cell)
When the membrane opens, sodium and potassium ions move freely into and out of the cell with the result of a charge.
A human body can generate between 10 and 100 millivolts.

Source : Julia Layton

human body – a complex “chemical battery”


Can rotating magnetic field generated by a spinning neodymium sphere influence human body cells activity?
(an electric change occurring when a magnetic field is applied to the human body)
answers recived to that question so far :
1.”The broad answer is that, yes, magnetic fields can alter the electrical activity of cells. This is the basis of a technique called TMS – transcranial magnetic stimulation, whereby a powerful magnetic source is held above the scalp. It can influence the behaviour of brain regions below the magnetic wand, inhibiting some areas and facilitating activity in others.”
2.”Yes because the rotating magnetic field will generate microcurrents in the cell which is conductive to water,salts,etc.
look up microcurrents in google”
3.”Yes a magnetic field can influence the body. How and to what postive or negative influences and levels are however undefinable at this level of resolution.”
4. “Externally applied EM fields obviousy can affect body cells. How else would NMR scans work?”
5. “Plausible. The biological activity is based on proteins, enzymes, amino acids, etc. going to a local site and attaching to something. The attachments are chemical and thus electrical charge based. Adding a magnetic field and the resulting electrical eddy currents could either enhance or inhibit a specific site attachment or change the availability of the chemical that the site receives. That could either enhance or inhibit the activity of the tissue or a pathogen.”
A fixed time-varying field may induce notable currents at the macroscopic level but much smaller ones at the cellular level . ( a human body generates between 10 and 100 mv)


Note : this research DO NOT encourage people to replicate the RMF device or to test it. research purpose only!

Related research :

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research : Rotating magnetic field device tested on a coil iron - less +230 V bulb

neodymium sphere
dc motor
external battery