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Nissan Leaf full electric

Nissan Leaf electric car

Nissan Leaf electric car

Battery : 40 KWH
192 cells

Rated capacity : 56,3 Ah

Nominal voltage : 3,65 V

  • 192 x 3,65 V x 56,3 Ah = 39,46 kWh
HP : 150 
Range : 378 KM 
The heavily revised electric car comes in three trim levels: base Leaf S, mid-level Leaf SV, and top-of-the-line Leaf SL. The motor is powered by a 40-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack sitting under the cabin floor, occupying the same volume as the 24-kwh pack of the original 2011 Leaf—a mark of just how much electric-car batteries have improved in only seven years. Its onboard charger remains at 6.6 kilowatts, with 50-kw CHAdeMO DC fast charging available that will take about 40 minutes to recharge the battery to 80 percent.


Sun power C60 cell

Sun power Maxeon flexible solar cell 21.8% high efficency 3.34W, 125MM 5 inchmonocristaline
  • Rated Max Power: 3.34W ±5%(w)
  • Efficiency: 21.8%
  • Working Voltage: 0.574 V
  • Working Current: 5.83 A
  • Short circuit voltage: 0.682V
  • Short circuit current: 6.24A
  • Specification: 125 * 125 mm
  • Material: Monocrystalline silicon
  • Thickness: 145um
Sun Power C60 cell

Sun Power C60 cell

Bangui magnetic anomaly

“Bangui anomaly” is the name given to one of the Earth’s largest crustal magnetic anomaly and the largest over the African continent. It covers two-thirds of the Central African Republic and the name derives from the capital city Bangui that is near the center of this feature. While the existence and description of the Bangui anomaly is well known, what is less established and controversial is the origin or cause that produced this large magnetic feature. Unfortunately, it is not possible to discriminate between the theories about the origin based solely on geophysical data.
Bangui magnetic anomaly

Bangui magnetic anomaly

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The Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.
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science and technology : The Large Hadron Collider

science and technology : The Large Hadron Collider

Tesla Battery

Tesla, the electric car company,  actually built the world’s biggest battery.  Powerpack battery system stores energy generated by a nearby wind farm. Location : South Australia
science and technology : tesla Battery

science and technology : Tesla Battery

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Wendelstein 7-X

Wendelstein 7-X is the world’s largest fusion device of the stellarator type. Its objective is to investigate the suitability of this type for a power plant.
science : Wendelstein 7-X

science and technology : Wendelstein 7-X

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Application of Rotating Magnetic Fields Increase the Activity of Antimicrobials Against Wound Biofilm Pathogens

science : application of rotating magnetic field

application of rotating magnetic field

Infective complications are a major factor contributing to wound chronicity and can be associated with significant morbidity or mortality. Wound bacteria are protected in biofilm communities and are highly resistant to immune system components and to antimicrobials used in wound therapy.
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