Topic : small generator components

 components we used to create  small electric generator :

  • coil without core – inside asynchronous motor
  • synchronous motor – microwave turntable, A4 lamination
  • neodymium magnet spheres – 2 poles – Ac generator head
  • screw pot metal case used to fix neodymium sphere between magnetic poles (we removed the neodymium magnet from the pot)
  • position neodymium sphere – metal case
  • 3 V Dc motor – used to rotates the sphere
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  • The generator components works together to generate power through magnetism
  • Electric generators use alternating magnetic fields to create a current through a wire circuit
  • small generator components – toy cars, syncronous motors
  • The rotating magnetic field induces an ac voltage in the stator windings
  • The rotor’s magnetic field is produced by neodymium magnet sphere
  • permanent magnet machine
  • The output frequency of  the voltage generator depends upon the speed of rotation of the rotor and the number of poles
small generators components
small generator screw pot metal case
generator : neodymium sphere
neodymium magnet spheres key components of small generators
fidget spinner generator coil without core
small coil
3 V Dc motor small generator component
syncronous motor

how to make a small generator - generators components