Solar lighting system without batteries

Objective : to build a small solar lighting system without to store energy, composed  of solar panels, step-up module and leds.
Category : solar energy projects
Input : DC
Output : DC
Solar panels are only producing energy when they have access to the sun’s rays. The system is only producing power during day light. The amount of energy produced is not constant.
 The limitations of solar power generation are where energy storage comes in.
A step up booster, in its  definition, is a device that is used to improve the output of a solar power (voltage increasing) .
Field of aplication : lighting basements and underground parkings during the day and energy recovery from continous lighting systems.
Materials used to build the small solar lighting system in this science project:
1.Small solar panels – 2 peaces
solar lighting system component

mini solar panel

Solar panel 0.5 W 5 V max.
A solar module is made up of a number of solar cells which are the building blocks of the panel. A solar cell works on the principle of Photovoltaic effect. When a semiconductor material is exposed to light, then some of the photons from the light are absorbed by the semiconductor crystals, which in turn causes a number of free electrons in the semiconductor material.
A solar panel is an assembly of solar cells that can convert light directly into electricity (DC voltage). This conversion is achieved thanks to the so-called semiconductor material from which each solar cell is made.
The material most often used for solar cells is silicon. This material can occur in three forms:
  • monocrystalline silicon
  • polycrystalline (or multicrystalline) silicon
  • amorphous silicon

2. leds
solar lighting system component led


The led is known for the low power consumption.
3. step-up booster 


solar lighting system component

step-up module

  • Type:  Switching type DC-DC Step Up Boost Module; Model: XL6009
  • Input voltage: 3-34 V.
  • Output voltage: continuous adjustable (4-35 V).
  • Output current: 2.5 A (MAX).
  • Input current: 3 A (MAX).
  • Input methods: IN + input is level, IN-input negative.
  • Output way: OUT + output is level, OUT-output negative.
  • Adjustment: first correct by input power supply (3-34 V, between)
  • Output voltage: 4-35 V continuous adjustable
  • Dimentions: 45 x 20 x 14mm
  • Weight : 11gr
    NOTE :
    Step up booster increases voltage and it reduces current to maintain constant power.
    power = voltage x current
  • Power remains constant.
  • Input Power = Output Power
    STEP UP BOOSTER can not increase power!!! .  It can only increase the voltage.

a sciencetoolbar project


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solar lighting system without batteries part 2

solar lighting system without batteries part 1

The system can be used also, that once you turn on a light inside of your house, you can use solar cells to recapture the light energy and send it to leds instaled in the basement or outside the house.
solar panels
step up booster